At the request of the customer, may cover the following fields:

  • Appearance judgment and selection of breeding and slaughter animal.
  • Interpretation of genetic values and phenotypic parameters on the heritage data sheets. Planning of future pairings.
  • Organizing of animal transport, technical supervision, handling the required administration.
  • Planning of animal farm houses and design of new buildings, modernization of existing technologies
  • Special duties of quarantining, feeding, observation and handling system in the quarantine.
  • Supervision of the climatic conditions of the animal holding buildings, improvement of the comfort of the cattle.
  • Controlling the milking systems, proposals for modernization.
  • Production of animal feed, conservation and storage.
  • Nutrition technology. Compilation of feed portions.
  • Prevention of metabolic problems around the parturition period.
  • Special reproduction biology activity after birth.
  • Raising calves and young’s.
  • Veterinary prevention and therapeutic care.
  • Special breeding issues.
  • Joining to the international breeding and market integration.
  • Organizing farm practices


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