Holstein Friesian

The breed originated from the Netherlands, it traces back to the Dutch landrace breed. Export began from the ancestors of the present-day version to North America in 1852. The dairy farmers on both continents have formed alliances, from 1880 on, so breeders could defend their interests. The past 150 years of breeding resulted in today's dairy Holstein-Friesian, the most common world type. This is the most common breed in modern large-scale milk production and ideal for unbound, group housing. It has the largest populations in Europe and North America. Cutting-edge genetic, biotechnology and computer equipment serve the already cooperating practitioners, researchers and farmers for development. Today, a broad international collaboration is taking place in the milk production of biological and technological modernization. The Holstein-Friesian breeds’ selection are serving the needs of husbandry and feeding industry of very high international level.

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