In 1992 to buy the first vessel m/v "Khalifeh I" Capacity 460 Cattle and started the Importation of cattle mainly Italian and German Cattle and during this period we had been one of 28 Importers in Lebanese market.

In 1999, we bought Khalifeh livestock vessel. Then in 2000, we bought Karim Allah vessel. After 2006, we bought Wardeh vessel. This led us to more success and achievements, because buying this ship opened many motivating doors to Khalifeh Company and made us one of the most important livestock companies for sea shipping lines in Lebanon.

2001 Created the Shipping Company Khalifeh Shipping Lines Co. to have its own structure and to be the Ship managing group, that year started to have the Liner of vessels Sete port/France, Koper Port/Slovenia, Terieste port/Italy, La Spezia port/Italy Cartagena port/Spain, Malaga port/Spain, Tarrangona port/Spain, Valencia port/Spain, Rasa port/Croatia, Beirut port/Lebanon, Port Said/Egypt, Alexandria port/Egypt, Damieta port/Egypt.

In 2009, we started building Boi Branco vessel in association with Mr. Bassam Al Murr. Unfortunately, June 1st 2009 was a bad date to remember; we were informed that our beloved Hussein Mounir Khalifeh was lost due to a plane crash on his way back to Lebanon from Brazil with our partner Bassam Al Murr. We were strongly shocked and frustrated after hearing this, because losing one of the biggest founders of this company was similar to a bird flying without wings.

Afterwards, we called up our efforts and pursued our work on Boi Branco vessel in association with Mr. Bassam’ son, Mr. Rami Al Murr.

In 2010, the following vessels; Abou Karim, Abou Karim 1 and Abou Karim 2 were built with high technical qualifications in a way that enabled them to travel for far distances and thus, they are now sent to Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and Bomo-Angola)

In 2011, we bought Abou Karim 3 vessel. It can hold around 9000 cattle heads and is now able to travel to Australia and New York. In addition, we have always strived to gain the appropriate licenses proving that this ship is highly equipped to travel for far distances such as Australia and New York.

This is what we have achieved so far thanks to all our efforts and hard work. These efforts made us now one of the largest and most important livestock companies in Lebanon. Furthermore, we have achieved an eminent name for us on the global market, and hopefully, we will be heading for this path until we reach the top and turn impossible missions into possible ones.