The start with Beef commerce it had been created by the father in year 1963 with 3 Butchery in our main city one of most famous area of good beef which was always purposed from many different places in Lebanon.
Year 1986 it was the first step developing the company by buying Slaughter House and start to trade with Live Cattle in our Lebanese local Market with farm Capacity of 200 Heads of Cattle.

Year 1989 Built a Farm for Capacity 600 Cattle and starts to get bigger in South Lebanon and we kept an eye on the future, We started in this time to improve to Anticipate in Imported Shipment from East Europe as partners in the Cattle Property only and in this year created Khalifeh Livestock Trading Company.

In 1992 to buy the first vessel m/v "Khalifeh I" Capacity 460 Cattle and started the Importation of cattle mainly Italian and German Cattle and during this period we had been one of 28 Importers in Lebanese market.
In 1997 Started the first Shipments in Ireland and during this time  we had been one of the main Importers in the Irish market and had  been in joint operation Purcell Bros. the Major Livestock Breeders  and Exporters in Irish Market, during this Period we had been Chartering vessels non-stop for the Irish cattle Imported. Irish Market it was the first Alert for us to have our own Fleet as Livestock Carriers.

In 1999 we had starting rebuilding m/v "Khalifeh Livestock” Capacity 1350 Cattle completing with Animal Well Fares and in accordance with Irish strict regulations for Transport of Live Cattle by Ocean. Year 2001 we had converted the vessel "Karim ALLAH" Capacity 1400 Cattle to have 2 of the best Livestock Carriers in Lebanese market with a good Reputation.

Between 1999 and 2005 we had been major Importer in France, Germany and East Europe specially in Hungary to have a good partners Hunland Trade Kft the Lead Livestock Breeders and Exporters. In this period Built the Farm in Kenarit which is the Head Quarter of the Company.

2001 Created the Shipping Company Khalifeh Shipping Lines Co. to have its own structure and to be the Ship managing group, that year started to have the Liner of vessels Sete port/France, Koper Port/Slovenia, Terieste port/Italy, La Spezia port/Italy Cartagena port/Spain, Malaga port/Spain, Tarrangona port/Spain, Valencia port/Spain, Rasa port/Croatia, Beirut port/Lebanon, Port Said/Egypt, Alexandria port/Egypt, Damieta port/Egypt. 

2005 it was the Change in the world trade to put Brasil in the first place to be the major Exporter of Beef as well Live Cattle and in this period as usual our Company was precursor to open this market for the Lebanese market and we had been the Major Importers from South America with a capacity of 4000 cattle per month always feed and stocked in our Head Quarter Kenarit with the maximum care of Cattle and feedlot. And this period we had been chartering Big vessels of 7000 Cattle capacity, 3200 Cattle Capacity and so on and we had been one of the major Importers during this period.

2007 Converted m/v "WARDEH" Capacity 4150 Cattle to Livestock Carrier to have our own Fleet  and to be in a competitive position and to have our own power and Passport in the business, The importation of Live Cattle from Brasil was increasing, we had been together in Partnership with BOI BRANCO /Brasil.

2007-2008 Beside our Importation we had been chartering our vessels to trade between Brasil, Venezuela and Africa and we our vessels and company had a very good Reputation which put the company in good standards from the Cattle Service and attendance or with vessel maintenance and vessels readiness technically and specially with Port State Control visits and Inspection on our vessels during the last years.
2009 converting new vessel "BOI BRANCO" capacity 4700 Cattle as partners together with El Murr brothers.