Simmental race, Steers & Seller

It is kept as a double purpose race in Europe while it is used as specialized beef cattle in America. Selective breeding is carried out during high level breeding programs and in integration in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Romania and Hungary. The color of the race ranges from pale yellow pied to deep cherry red pied. The coloration of the head is characteristic with the white dominating. It is a middle-sized race showing high deviation values. The weight of the cows is 600-800 Kg while that of the bulls is 900-1300 Kg.

Heifers can be inseminated at the age of 17-18 months. Difficult births are not typical. The growth potential, meet producing capacity and meet shape are equally excellent. Its meet is marbled, tasty and of good quality. It serves both as parental and maternal line in crossing programs. Its milk production is medium but the milk content values are high.

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